Belgian steroid cows

•  We Believe……Poultry need access to green pasture, bugs and sun
•  We Believe……Small family farms can be resurrected by producing quality, artisanal foods
•  We Believe……Animals should remain free of antibiotics and growth hormones

It’s tempting to suggest that this may be a trend—after all, a handful of local mayors (Anaheim’s Tom Tait, Oakland’s Libby Schaaf, Minneapolis’s Betsy Hodges, and Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi, most notably) have been pushing back against sports subsidy demands for a few years now, with some success. (Tait actually got Angels owner Arte Moreno to back down on his demands to be gifted free land for development; Nenshi has held off the Calgary Flames owners’ requests for as much as $ billion in arena funds for several years now, mostly by saying, “Show me what’s in it for my citizens.”)

Belgian steroid cows

belgian steroid cows


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