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“There’s this industry where you can make the biggest difference by working with people that don’t look like your typical woman. I understand there’s a lot more that goes to it than that, but people choose not to,” she said. "It’s almost like everyone’s just waiting for it because they’re talking about it, they’re saying ‘strong is beautiful and blah blah blah.’ I know you keep saying it but how come no one is doing anything about it? No one’s making any crazy choices when it comes to casting… If I don’t at least attempt to do more in a world or in an industry that is different than what I’m used to, it may work out and it may not, but if I don’t at least try, then it’s just another person who has the ability to make a really positive change not doing it just because I’m nervous about it not working out.”

“Craziest part is that I literally just woke up one day in a lot of pain while I was home for Christmas. I didn’t have a clue that something like that was going on, nothing had happened, no missed lifts, I didn’t fall on my head. Nothing. So to say I’m frustrated is a bit of an understatement, my heart is broken. It has been such a rough week and I’m sure there will be a few more moments through out this season where my emotions get the best of me, however I AM going to get through this and I WILL be back next year. I love a challenge. And how bad could I actually look in a neck brace?”

“The best thing is knowing that I was part of something that will mean a lot and will send a very positive message for boys and girls and men and women for years to come,” says Ence. “I got to play a role that means so much to me as a woman, and as a strong woman. It [shows that] strong is beautiful, strong is powerful, but it’s not just strong in the physical sense — it’s strong in your attitude, it’s strong in your mental game, in your compassion. That’s what I think is portrayed really well by Gal in this movie.”

Crossfit brooke ence steroids

crossfit brooke ence steroids


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