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   OCEAN TOWNSHIP, . - Shore Athletic Club is delighted to announce that famed
coach Frank "Gags" Gagliano has been named 2017 winner of its Wisner Brothers Memorial Award for "distinguished service to the sport of track and field" and will be honored at the annual Shore AC Awards Banquet,scheduled from 2 to 6 . Sunday, March 12, at The English Manor
in Ocean Township.
  "Coach Gagliano is one of the most celebrated coaches in track and field history, and has touched the lives of thousands of athletes over the years, from his first coaching days at Roselle Catholic High School, to subsequent positions at Manhattan College, Rutgers University and Georgetown University, and then coaching teams of elite, post-graduate runners in the District of Columbia, California,
 Oregon, and now with the Hoka One One New Jersey New York Track Club," said Shore AC president Walter MacGowan.
  "And his athletes continue rising to the biggest occasions, with the NJNYTC's recent world record performance in the indoor four-mile relay the latest evidence."
  The banquet will see the club honor its own finest and fastest athletes and among them are members of the Shore AC Varsity Team that sent 18 athletes to the 2016 USA Olympic Trials, the Masters Distance Team that played dominant roles in National events for 50 and 60-year-olds, the racewalking team that was the nation's best, along with top performers from the youth, high school, college and Open divisions.
  The Awards Banquet is open to all, and friends, past and present athletes for Coach Gagliano, and track fans, are specially invited.
   "Gags has done so much, all over the nation, and internationally, but it all started right here in New Jersey so this will be the perfect occasion to honor him in his home state," said MacGowan.
   "I'll certainly be there, and we certainly hope to see a lot of others there, to honor Coach 'Gags,' " said Ron Speirs of Wall Township, the Rutgers alumnus who was the first - of the now many - milers who have broken four minutes under Gagliano's tutelage.
   For the full list of honorees on March 12, go to .

Banquet tickets are $35 per person and reservations may be sent to Shore AC, Post Office Box 381, West Long Branch, . 07764.   For information:  732-222-9213.

The English Manor is located at
One English Lane,
Ocean Township, NJ 07712.
Phone  732-776-8558.

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Do the jersey shore guys do steroids

do the jersey shore guys do steroids


do the jersey shore guys do steroidsdo the jersey shore guys do steroidsdo the jersey shore guys do steroidsdo the jersey shore guys do steroidsdo the jersey shore guys do steroids