Iv steroids for copd side effects

Hello Dereck, really enjoy your site and all the positiveness that is you…You have mentioned that you have been living with copd for over 26 years. when you were first diagnosed at 39 years old were you in the severe to very severe stage right away?? How long did you smoke while in copd? I have been recently diagnosed with severe emphysema and my FEV1 is 31%. I feel great tho. I am taking Spiriva dailey and rescue inhalers as needed. My activity level is curtailed more than what I used to be able to do but not that bad. I am 61 and stopped smoking upon this news. any info you are willing to give me is appreciated. Barb

"In sharp contrast to the leading clinical guidelines, the vast majority of patients hospitalized for acute exacerbation of COPD were initially treated with high doses of corticosteroids administered intravenously," conclude study researchers led by Peter K. Lindenauer, MD, of Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. This practice is not associated with "any measurable benefit and at the same time exposes patients to the risks and inconvenience of an intravenous line, potentially unnecessarily high doses of steroids, greater hospital costs, and longer lengths of stay."

I just found out yesterday my mom who has lived next to me for 5 years is in the last stage of COPD. I have been devoted to caring for her while my 2 sisters sat back and watched. Hospice is coming today and all of a sudden these sisters want to be involved. Too little too late I say. I asked, begged and demanded they help from the beginning and received no help. Mom has come dependent on my help and doesn't want anyone else to help and my sister's can't understand this. If they started helping from the beginning they would have learned how to help and learn my mother's needs. It's their fault. Listen to family members from the beginning and things will work and life will be easier for everyone.

Iv steroids for copd side effects

iv steroids for copd side effects


iv steroids for copd side effectsiv steroids for copd side effectsiv steroids for copd side effectsiv steroids for copd side effectsiv steroids for copd side effects