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This site is the most complete research data base on Phimosis up until year 2,000 - with Medical texts back to 1920 and Diderot - Anthropology back to Ploss and Bryk and Grey who summarised the previous thinking - I answered at least 5,000 emails - analysed the physical, sexual and ultimately psychological effects of a previously ignored part of the external male body ... realised how this has influenced cultures and relationships throughout our development - AND had the experience of my life ... against expert opinion and so much bias on circumcision .... at the beginning of internet with bleeping modems, no flat rate, an atari computer, a few good friends, it was hair raising and hysterical and now, looking back, wonderful and incredible.

According to some accounts, phimosis prevented Louis XVI of France from impregnating his wife for the first seven years of their marriage. She was 14 and he was 15 when they married in 1770. However, the presence and nature of his genital anomaly is not considered certain, and some scholars (such as Vincent Cronin and Simone Bertiere) assert that surgical repair would have been mentioned in the records of his medical treatments if it had indeed occurred. [ citation needed ] Non-retractile prepuce in adolescence is normal, common, and usually resolves with increasing maturity. [30]

For humans, either a routine circumcision is performed, or the culture does absolutely nothing at all, until after a problem has occurred usually after several years difficulty. Operations occur typically during puberty or after the first attempts at intercourse. The full extent of the effects of phimosis have only recently come to light, due to the anonymity of Internet where adult men have been able to relate their experiences openly for the first time. This site researches the erectile effects of phimosis, analyses the information from over two thousand personal experiences, and then describes the influence of foreskin conditions on the sexuality.

Phimosis treatment steroid cream

phimosis treatment steroid cream


phimosis treatment steroid creamphimosis treatment steroid creamphimosis treatment steroid creamphimosis treatment steroid cream