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I definitely agree with Sully that it was one of those lifts that could get 2 whites 1 red or 2 reds 1 white, but IMO it wasnt in the category "definitely not a good lift". I am happy for Ben he got that record and I think better to white lite slightly questionable lift like that than red light a definitely good lift a rob the lifter of a record (like what happened in WRPF with Aleksey squat, here: https:///r/powerlifting/comments/79o4i7/aleksey_nikulin_360_kg794_lbs_squat_wr_attempts/ ) while this abomination of a lift remains the official WR https:///r/powerlifting/comments/6tc8er/dallas_norris_new_all_time_world_record_squat/ .

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Reddit steroids wiki

reddit steroids wiki


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