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What is it? An anabolic/androgenic steroid altered to produce better muscle-building properties, making it very popular for bodybuilders.
How it’s taken: Tablets or injections
Brand names: Winstrol, although that brand is no longer in production in the United States.
Legalities: Regulated as a Schedule III drug, meaning a valid prescription is required for possession.
What it does: Promotes muscle growth. In the past, it has been prescribed for patients with osteoporosis, growth deficiencies and hereditary angioedema, a disease that causes swelling.
Side effects/risks: Oily skin, acne and hair loss. More severe risks include liver damage, cardiovascular strain, mood changes and hardening of the arteries.
In the news: Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of his 1988 Olympic gold medal after testing positive for stanozolol.

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Steroid guys tumblr

steroid guys tumblr


steroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblr