Steroid injection quad

1 - Remove any lengthy pieces of clothing from your legs, so that at least your quad is visible.
2 - Stand up and place your arms by your side.
3 - With your middle finger (on the same side of the quad which you will be pinning) by your side touch your quad and bookmark this area.
4 - Wipe this area with an alcohol wipe.
5 - Sit down.
6 - Flick the syringe with the AAS compound in to remove any air bubbles and push the plunger so that 1 or 2 drops come out to lubricate the needle.
7 - Push the needle into the alcohol swapped site.
8 - Aspirate (enough to see an air bubble / if you see blood, withdraw the needle, change the needle and select another pinning location).
9 - Once you have seen an air bubble from aspirating, you're ready.
10 - Push slowly down on the plunger to inject the liquid.
11 - Once all injected liquid has been injected, withdraw the needle slowly.
12 - Cap the needle and dispose of safely in a sharps container.

Swab the area very well and slowly penetrate the 18g pin directly into the abscess. Keep pushing the pin in and gentaly aspirating every few millimeters until you hit the cyst. Slowly aspirate the cyst. You should be able to draw out the initial volume injected and then some blood and puss. You can expect to drain out 3ml from a 2ml injection 4-5 days post injection. This will give your immune system and the anti-biotics the best chance of fighting the infection. Always complete the course of anti-biotics even if the symptoms and swelling subside.

Inevitably, one of the first questions many individuals will ask themselves shortly before their 1st injection is “where do I inject?” While there is no right or wrong answer, the most commonly injected muscles among first time users are the glutes and delts. Both muscle groups are relatively painless (potentially), do not have any major veins/arteries near the surface, and contain a lower density of nerves. Quads are another popular bodypart used for injections, although one does need to be a bit more careful when injecting in this area, as there are more nerves, veins, an arteries in the area.

Steroid injection quad

steroid injection quad


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