Steroid shot for dogs back

So my dag ( 5 year old lab cocker mix) developed severe itching in 2012 after a year dealing with my vet, shampoos, creams, sprays, raw diet, no grain diet, home cooking and nothing working I was at my wits end. She literally had to wear a cone for over a year and she looked horrible and stunk. She had soars all over her eyes and her ears where a mess. She was so bad I was seriously considering ending her suffering. In 2014 A friend told me about dinovite and I started. Within weeks I saw a huge improvement and by the end of the first month she was almost miraculously fine. For the past three years she's been on dinovite and doing great but since my last order she started getting bad again and even though she's not there yet I feel like she's getting there. I don't know if the dinovite formula changed but right now she back on the cone and the dinovite which worked pefecty for the first couple of years doesn't seem to be wornking any more.

Note from Dinovite: Nothing has changed with the Dinovite formula and we constantly make it fresh. Sometimes dog food formulas change. Also, look at all the treats you are feeding, many are full of bad stuff.

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Steroid shot for dogs back

steroid shot for dogs back


steroid shot for dogs backsteroid shot for dogs backsteroid shot for dogs backsteroid shot for dogs backsteroid shot for dogs back