Tainted steroid medicine

I just wanted to share that my partner and I moved from Canada to Greece in pursuit of the best olive oil. What happened is we discovered the research of Drs. Magiatis and Melliou at the University of Athens into the medicinal benefits of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil. The short story is that we are now involved in the research and testing of high phenolic olive oil using our own in the field test kit for growers invented by Magiatis/Melliou. This kit is based on the sophisticated science of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and olive oils are tested and certified with the complete phenolic profile once sorted for quality.

[ Editor's Note: Chryste Gaines, MBA, Olympic gold and bronze medal sprinter and former teammate of Marion Jones in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, stated the following in a Dec. 22, 2008 email to in response to the IOC ruling:

"We are being unfairly punished. If the drug testing agencies cannot determine if an athlete is taking performance enhancing drugs how are the teammates supposed to know?... It negates all the family functions, church functions, and social events we missed in the name of winning an Olympic medal." ]

Transdermal patches (adhesive patches placed on the skin) may also be used to deliver a steady dose through the skin and into the bloodstream. Testosterone-containing creams and gels that are applied daily to the skin are also available, but absorption is inefficient (roughly 10%, varying between individuals) and these treatments tend to be more expensive. Individuals who are especially physically active and/or bathe often may not be good candidates, since the medication can be washed off and may take up to six hours to be fully absorbed. There is also the risk that an intimate partner or child may come in contact with the application site and inadvertently dose himself or herself; children and women are highly sensitive to testosterone and can suffer unintended masculinization and health effects, even from small doses. Injection is the most common method used by individuals administering AAS for non-medical purposes. [45]

Tainted steroid medicine

tainted steroid medicine


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